Design of nanostructured materials using molecular self-assembly has attracted considerable attention because it allows for the formation of complex architectures with a high structural precision. We focus on controlled synthesis of self-assembled nanostructures from a variety of π-conjugated molecular building blocks. Through elaborate molecular design by taking full advantage of organic, polymer, and supramolecular chemistry, we pre-program functional units and intermolecular interaction sites into molecular building blocks, so that the resulting assemblies can exert electronic, optoelectronic, and even dynamic properties. Our past achievements include the development of (i) soft materials composed of carbon nanotubes and ionic liquids,[1,4,6,8] (ii) electroactive self-assembled organic nanotubes[2,3,5,9,13] and liquid crystalline materials[7,10] from extended π-conjugated molecules, (iii) stimuli-responsive molecular helices[12] and a polymeric material with a large-area three-dimensional molecular order.[11]




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